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Our Vision

Our vision is to globalize Korean cuisines by standardizing the recipes and minimizing procedures to create delicious Korean dishes across the board and at the same time, satisfying local palates with Korean touch.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver quality Korean food with convenience and affordability not only to Korean but to suit all Korean food diners over the world.

Our Philosophy

When we established Maxearn Limited in 1996, , there was one goal, amongst the many, that we had kept in mind: to explore and serve the needs of our customers in Hong Kong, and the rest of the world. We wanted to satiate the world's desire for authentic Korean cuisines. It was a modest beginning, but a monumental idea. Maxearn Limited wanted to refine the concept of Korean dining when we opened the first outlet in City Super. We understood the fervid lifestyle of everyday people. There wasn't always time for a good sit-down meal at your favorite Korean restaurant. However Maxearn Limited changed that by founding the first fast food Korean cuisine. Customers want the best of both worlds: a high quality Korean meal that is quick and easy. Our own Korean chef at central kitchen is responsible for all dishes that are delivered to our outlets to ensure fresh and genuine tastes. But as the world and its people are constantly changing, so are we. While our company has adhered to our commitment to customer service and quality, we have also continuously upgraded and enhanced our customers' choices by selecting the best quality from the best product range. And we don't just stop at quality. We aspire for authenticity. We get our ingredients right here in Hong Kong and Korea to ensure that our customers are enjoying only the best. With such endeavors, be rest assured that our products are not only delicious, but also healthy. We heavily emphasize our hygienic standards as well as our food presentation and services to ensure that each visit will bring both satisfaction and appreciation towards our customers. HACCP (Hazardous analysis and critical control points) has recognized our efforts by awarding us a certificate of accreditation. From our beloved stone pot dishes to our enticing selection of traditional Korean tea, Maxearn Limited works to make our customers happy. Like we said, only the best.